ncesoftware O&O filedirect
O&O filedirect

Best way to share files without Uploading

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Best way to share files without Uploading

ncesoftware O&O filedirect
O&O filedirect


O&O file direct makes it feasible to percentage an infinite number of files without having to load them inside the cloud. this manner your private documents are by no means out of your hands. you preserve complete manipulate over who gets to peer them.

The usage of a simple interface, you indicate the document that must be shared. o&o filedirect then generates an individual link that you send to the contact. the recipient doesn’t need to put in o&o filedirect with the intention to down load the record. the best issue wished is a contemporary browser running on an normal device.


Product features:

  • Free, no registration necessary
  • Sharing files made easy
  • Supports Windows 10, Windows 8.1 and Windows 7
  • Unlimited number of recipients




Here’s how clean it’s far to use O&O filedirect:


  •         Download and installation O&O FileDirect.
ncesoftware O&O filedirect
ncesoftware O&O filedirect


  • Drag the record(s) or folders of any length you desire to share onto this system window.




  • O&O FileDirect automatically generates a hyperlink that you could share with the recipients.


ncesoftware O&O
ncesoftware O&O



  • After clicking “Settings”, you may specify whether a link have to be disabled after a sure time or a maximal quantity of downloads.
  • You may also input a password to guard the download.


ncesoftware O&O filedirect
ncesoftware O&O filedirect


  • Simply share the hyperlink you generated with one or extra recipients and go away your computer on.




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